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In MAC foundation what does the nc and nw mean?

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In MAC foundation what does the nc and nw mean?

Whats the difference between nc and nw? What do they mean/stand for ? Thanks =] x

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nc= nude cool. loke, blue and coolerer underones. usually paler.

nw= nude warm. usually red/pink undertones. usually tanner.

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  • nc = neutral cool skin with a yellow undertone 'cool' skintones
    nw = neutral warm = skin with a a pink undetone 'warm' skintones

    Normally nc is the best to get. normally nw is not fit for most skin tones.
    yellow undetones 'nc' compliment most people...it conceals redness and counter acts dark circles because its a comlimentary color and its accross from the color chart.

    nobody really wants 'pink' skin.(nw) so go with nc pretty much always.
    the only thing nw would be good for is to conceal a yellow bruise or if you absolutly hate yellow skintones then you'd want that one
    www.youtube.com/rainbowpritty subscibe if you like makeup!
  • nc = neutral cool = skin with a relatively cool tone, aka slightly yellow based
    nw = neutral warm = skin with a relatively warm tone, aka slightly pink based

    certain mac products also have:

    c = cool = more cool toned than nc
    w = warm = more warm than nw

    if you put these in order from coolest to warmest:

    c - nc - nw - w
  • nc stands for neutral cool, which means you have yellow-y undertones in your skin. nw stands for neutral warm, which means you have pink-y undertones in your skin. If you go to a store or counter an artist can match you to your shade.
    hope I helped!
  • nc is yellow undrtones like asian undertones
    nw for pinky undertones
  • nc (yellow tone)
    nw (red tone)

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